2015 FinTech Startups Trends

Are we seeing a FinTech gold rush? Perhaps.

At the 2015 FinTech Startups Conference, we're witnessing traditional institutions engaging and partnering with the technology startup community at a feverish rate.  

In 2015, familiarity with the latest innovations is not just trendy, it's an absolute necessity. Institutions must aggressively seek out and embrace disruptive technology. If they do not they risk forfeiting their first mover advantage to more agile and cost effective nascent technology. 

The mission of the Empire Startups community is to facilitate knowledge sharing among and close the gap between the technology startup community, investment community and traditional financial services. 

The gold in this rush is innovation. 

Jon Zanoff, Founder, Empire Startups

About Empire Startups

Founded in 2011, Empire Startups is committed to nurturing innovation, growing a thriving community, and building bridges among entrepreneurs, investors, and domain experts. By fostering earlier relationships with investors, startups have more leverage when it’s time for rapid expansion while the investor community has more access to and influence on the success of early-stage companies.