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Panel - Breaking Into FinTech: How to Get Hired

June NY FinTech Meetup- Breaking into FinTech: How to Get Hired

A panel discussion on hiring in FinTech. Hear from: 

Kate Huyett, US Growth Leader at Transferwise

Matt Kane, Co-Founder at Hedgeable

Niko Karvounis, Co-Founder at Quovo,

Geoff Massam, Co-Founder at untapt, and 

Lynn Petesch, Global Head of Accounts at Arachnys speak about:

- What FinTech companies are looking for when hiring

- How to position yourself to be attractive as an early hire

- Making the leap from corporate finance to #FinTech


You should attend if:

- You are in a talent acquisition role at a FinTech company

- You are a student interested in working in FinTech

- You are a finance/engineering/other professional interested in making the jump to FinTech

- You are interested in working at a growth stage company or startup

- You are wondering why your best employees are leaving you for FinTech


 Kate Huyett, Transferwise

Kate Huyett, Transferwise

 Geoff Massam, untapt

Geoff Massam, untapt

 Matthew Kane, Hedgeable

Matthew Kane, Hedgeable

 Lynn Petesch, Arachnys

Lynn Petesch, Arachnys