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The NYC FinTech Ecosystem: What You Need to Know about Fundraising & Your IP

  • Rise New York 43 West 23rd Street New York, NY, 10010 United States (map)

In this discussion, participants will hear from several experienced FinTech experts from both the United States and Europe on topics ranging from market trends in FinTech to available funding resources. 

Speakers will offer tools and tips to help startups navigate the broader US FinTech ecosystem. 

Our panelists will explore topics such as:

How to attract US funding and how to work with US investors
What startups need to know to make it in the US market
• What are the advantages and disadvantages of raising money and scaling in the US?
>>Types of investors available: venture capital, private equity, public markets, strategic (equity, R&D partnerships, licensing, and M&A)
>> Identifying the best source of financing that fits your business
• The top 5 mistakes companies make when starting out in the United States
• How do startups grow, strengthen their networks, and find relevant mentors?

What Fintech entrepreneurs should know about intellectual property
• The value that IP can have for an early-stage (seed or pre-seed business)
>> Getting ahead of technology and IP due diligence
>> Knowing which IP protection is appropriate for your company
• An overview of Open Source: a guide to the benefits and challenges
• Preparing the right message for investors around your technology and IP

What US investors are looking for (financial and business related aspects)
• Working with US investors: the funding process
• When going out to raise VC, what should founders emphasize, team, product, or growth?
• Why should I care? Tips to improve your company's message and how you present your product
• Tech strategy: Generate revenue early with lean platform/product to achieve market validation

Market trends in FinTech and FinTech ecosystems in the United States
• What are some of the regional strengths of the major US Fintech ecosystems (New York, the Bay Area, Boston, etc.)?
• Which ecosystem is best for your business, and how can you best tap into it?
• Do Fintech startups have to partner with Heritage Financial Institutions to achieve scale?
• What challenges in the Financial Services Industry are ripe for innovation?
• Regulation in financial services: importance of incremental innovation
• Size and fragmentation of the banking sector: importance of market segmentation and appropriate staffing
• Key account stake holders: Shortest path to market, P&L over strategy

Tales from the Front Lines: Wisdom & Insights from a FinTech entrepreneur who made it in New York