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Data Aggregation & Financial Services: Players and Issues

This panel will explore the complex ways that consumer financial services data aggregators are driving FinTech innovations. While commercial demands are currently shaping the bounds of aggregator activities, regulatory intervention has the potential to significantly impact the development of these companies and the services they provide. We’ll discuss:

  • The innovations that aggregators are building and how they have the potential to streamline the operation and delivery of consumer financial products and services, including smarter marketing engines, enhanced underwriting, improved customer service, and simplified account transfers;
  • The oversight challenges that aggregators present for financial institutions, including cyber security risks, liability for data breaches and other improper activities, and the application of laws and regulations to aggregators as service providers;
  • The divergent perspectives among banks, FinTechs, and consumer advocates on potential regulatory intervention by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (or others) and areas of common ground among these stakeholders; and
  • How Europe’s experience with open banking and mandated open-access APIs might provide a valuable lesson for US companies and regulators.