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Regional Banks - FinTech on Main Street

  • ImpactHub, Boston (map)

Of the 21 FinTech unicorns identified by TechCrunch, just 12 are located in the United States.   That number could improve with the great efforts underway to build transformative FinTech firms in Boston with the support of the community banking sector.  We are going to hear directly from the entrepreneurs, senior executives at Eastern Bank and venture capitalists who came to together to position Boston's most recent Series A funded FinTech firm - Numerated Growth Technologies- for outsized success.  

We'll probe how they succeeded, challenges they faced and what the investors looked for in the deal.  We will also dive deep to get a better understanding of how this collaboration between entrepreneurs and institutions can set the stage for future opportunities for the Boston FinTech community to work with incumbents and what it means to your efforts. This is the night to get your questions answered and network.