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FINTECH GO will integrate a range of acceleration resources specifically for fintech startups that want to build and sell their products and services.

The program will leverage FinTech Portfolio, a member-owned community of former bankers, asset managers, government officials, technology professionals and financial regulators which have joined forces to launch fintech companies from scratch.

Program Offerings

FINTECH GO will focus on helping fintech startups with market research, product development, business development, marketing, team management, legal, regulatory and fundraising elements. 

The first cohort will be held in the fourth quarter of 2017.


Our community members and network of advisors are experienced industry experts that understand how to foster innovation for startups and financial institutions.

The mentorship program at FINTECH GO will be geared to matching companies with high caliber advisors providing tailored support, guidance and access to their global networks.


FINTECH GO will be hosted at The Vault, located in San Francisco’s Financial District and voted as one of the top co-working spaces in California.

Companies that are selected to FINTECH GO will have dedicated space to incubate and accelerate alongside other FinTech Portfolio companies in a collaborative atmosphere with a safe Intellectual Property zone.